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Large black bag

This is the bag for those, including myself, who likes large bags. Leather is strong, sturdy and heavy, inside bright orange lining. Bag is available at EtsyDSC_0671-001


Šiandien mažytis atodrėkis. Nuo stogo kapsi tirpstančio sniego lašai, protarpiais išlenda saulutė, tik labai jau nedrąsiai. Atrodo ji taip norėtų pasilikt ilgiau, pašildyt daugiau, prikviest greičiau taip išsiilgtą pavasarį…

Kad linksmiau sulauktume šviesesnių dienų, štai čia pavasariškai žalia lininė rankinė su ramunėmis is močiutės darželio.




Little sheep

Once upon a time there lived a sheep. He was very meek and quiet…. Because he was so quiet, the other animals often picked on him and called him names. This gentle sheep never answered this name calling, he simply went about his business in his usual manner. ‘I may be quiet,’ thought the sheep, ‘but at least I have friends and do not spend my time boasting about myself or judging others’.

So this gentle sheep came here  Red bag with a sheep


Custom order for Uta

Custom made for Uta. Dark brown linen messenger bag, 36x26x11cm, long braided adjustable handle, closes with magnets, under the flap – zipper. Zip pocket outside, inside lighter brown linen lining, zip pocket, side pocket and 2 smaller pockets. Embroidered appliqued poppies in 3 colors, red to orange. More photos: GalleryDSC_1102-001